After my pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood, I was not liking what I saw in the mirror. There were fine lines around my eyes where only a few months prior there had been smooth, supple skin. My hair had become course, brittle, and unmanageably wavy due to hormone changes. I had bags under my eyes continually, and my skin was mottled and spotted with melasma. I felt unattractive, frumpy, and more than a little sad that I would (seemingly) never be that fun, beautiful, attractive girl again. I was only 27 years old, yet I felt like I had slammed into middle age full-force.

More than this, I didn’t like how I felt. I was miserably exhausted. I could not even stand up in the mornings without a wave of nausea passing over me, and even my bones ached with a tiredness that I didn’t know could exist. I was constantly fighting off tears, and while I would sometimes fantasize about the fun things I used to do or enviously long for the glamorous social life other friends had, at the end of the day I was so beaten down that I couldn’t even muster up the energy to read.

It doesn’t have to be that way. For all the loving, hard-working, tired mommas out there who adore their little ones, but find that the long nights and extra demands of motherhood have left them looking and feeling a little less-than fresh — this site is for you.